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Load Balancing Algorithms
High Performance Routing for Every Application.

Load Balancing Algorithms

Peplink's load balancing algorithms help you easily fine-tune how traffic is distributed across connections. Each deployment has a unique setup, and Peplink's enterprise grade load balancing features can fulfill all of your special requirements. Create your own rule with the following algorithms and you can sit back and enjoy the high performance routing that Peplink brings to you.

Weighted Balance
Assign more traffic to a faster link or less traffic to a connection with a bandwidth cap.

Route traffic to your preferred link as long as it's available.

Prevent traffic flow from slowing down when the connection runs out of available bandwidth.

Eliminate session termination issue for HTTPS, E-banking, and other secure websites.

Least Used
Help you choose the better connection with more free bandwidth.

Lowest Latency
Give you the fastest response time when using applications like online gaming.

Restrict outbound traffic to a particular connection.