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Peplink has a wide range of connectivity tools at your disposal, from wired and wireless routers, switches and access points with rich networking features, software features such as bandwidth bonding, failover, WAN optimization, load balancing and remote cloud management. Build solutions for any application and deliver cost effective solutions. Explore what we can do that others cannot.

What are your Challenges in MSP Connectivity?


MSPs often have to put together multiple vendors for a complete solution which will require more management and integration from MSPs.

Cost Management

MSPs increasingly operate with razor thin margins, which creates a limit to the services MSPs can offer their clients.

Addressing the Market

Enterprise workload is evolving from traditional office premises to mobile, remote places, in which MSPs are not fully equipped to face.

The Big Picture

Full Solution

MSP can leverage FusionHub and InControl for full supervision and control. FusionSIM helps mix and match SIM resources, while InControl offers MSP-branded cloud management and InTouch

Retail PoS System

The MAX BR1 Mini combines value and resiliency with SpeedFusion's Hot Failover to ensure online connectivity and Wi-Fi for retail stores' PoS system. Securely housed in a sleek and ruggedized enclosure makes this device conveniently deployable.


The Balance 20X futureproofs office connectivity with its versatile FlexModule Mini slot that accepts all kinds of WAN technology. Paired together with a FusionHub, WAN Smoothing fills connectivity gaps to ensure minimal latency and packet loss. This means never missing a frame or sentence in conference calls or VoIP applications.

Vehical Networking

The MAX BR1 Pro 5G features 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, and GPS fleet management, housed in a sleek and rugged shell. Use SpeedFusion Traffic Steering to give priority to selected traffic such as SaaS applications to never experience downtime.

How MSP works? - MSP-Friendly Business Model

Robust Devices

Quality products with robust software and housed in ruggedized hardware at unbeatable prices

Simple Billing

Offer one price to cover multiple years of management using a synchronized annual CarePlans billing cycle

MSP-Friendly License Model

MSP-friendly license model with fairly prices subscription and no device lock-in after subscription expires

SpeedFusion Connect LTE

Leverage on-demand 5G/LTE data from multiple carriers and offer it as a white-label service to clients


Cloud-Based Network Management Platform

InControl cloud-based endpoint management system enabling remote access to any Peplink device on your network. From a single screen, configurations can be pushed to any and all of your Peplink devices. InControl also generates useful reports on all aspects of your network, and can be integrated to your existing systems through API.


Zero-Touch Remote Network Management Solution

InTouch is Peplink’s alternative to out-of-band management (OOBM). Instead of building separate networks or adding circuits dedicated to OOBM, InTouch integrates everything onto one platform for seamless connectivity. Use just one login to gain access to all remote devices behind your router – IP devices, remote desktops, remote protocols for servers, and more.

SpeedFusion Connect LTE

On-Demand LTE Connectivity

SpeedFusion Connect LTE houses both SpeedFusion Connect and Peplink’s very own on-demand LTE plan. This service allows users to pay only for what they need, reducing data wastage and multiple contracts for their Peplink devices.

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